Calorie Shifting Diet Book

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Of all the dieting books on the market, perhaps the best one is the calorie shifting diet book written by Jason Hunter. This book is titled; The Carb Rotation Diet, and of the many books that explore the calorie shifting diet process of losing weight, his is the most inclusive.

Most diet books only give a brief ‘summary’ of the calorie shift strategy, and suggest a few meal plans that are scarce on detail on how-to get the diet work. This calorie shifting diet book however, goes into extensive detail while explaining what the strategy is, how it works, and how to use it effectively. The concepts are discussed in an straightforward style that allows the reader to fully comprehend all the information and apply it as a way to change their lifestyles not just their weight. This change will allow the reader to not only lose weight, but keep it off while remaining healthy and active.

He begins by explaining why your body reacts to dieting in a negative manner, and why eating according to the calorie shifting strategy, will not allow the body time to respond in a negative manner, and prevent weight loss. When we observe a diet of set calorie intakes each day, our body becomes complacent and slows down our metabolism.

When we go on a calorie restrictive diet, it slows down even more, because it sees the diet as a threat to its energy source-the calories you have been consuming before the diet. Your body likes the weight you have; it enjoys having those same amounts of calories every day, and will challenge you to maintain them. It does this by reducing your metabolism to a slow crawl and begins to store the calories you are consuming as fat reserves for future use.

The calorie shifting strategy as explained by the author works to prevent the body ever recognizing a set calorie value for each day; and prevents the complacent predictable response of your metabolism. Once the body is confused about how many calories it will get it responds to the high number by increasing metabolism and continuing to burn fat at a steady rate, and never slows down.

He teaches you the nutritional value of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, and their relationship to your ability to lose weight. He has formulated a structured diet that allows you to eat a high number of proteins one day, and less the following. By the third day, you have eliminated proteins, and switched to carbs. By continuously shifting the nutrient value and foods we consume daily, our metabolism stays elevated in response.

You will continue to eat the foods you love, and also learn about healthier choices. Sometimes the foods we love, our rice, and processed flour’s, are available in different forms that are far healthier for us. Someone who loves rice can understand that brown rice and all dark grains and flours are just as tasty but better for them, continuing to eat a well balanced diet is paramount to this diet strategy.

This calorie shifting diet book will give you all the answers you need, to any questions you have about losing weight in a fast, healthy way.

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